How to Write Code Like The Top 1% Ruby Developers


My name is Jesus Castello, and I'd like to talk with you about writing great Ruby code.

You know that nagging feeling?

The one that tells you that your code is not as good as it could be?

That you're probably missing something?

So many questions...

  • Why doesn't your code feel professional & readable?
  • What are you doing wrong?
  • What do the best Ruby developers do differently than you?

These questions come up after you learn the basics of Ruby & start writing your own programs...

  • You're working alone & wondering if you are doing things right
  • If you're following best-practices (or any practices at all)
  • And if other people are going to laugh at your code when they see it!

Now you start to understand the value of writing good code.

Code that not only works, but that you & others can UNDERSTAND... even 6 months after writing it!

Yes! It's Possible To Write Better Code

The good news:

You can learn a few techniques, tools & rules for writing better code.

You can find these techniques in ancient programming books, written over 10 years ago.

In languages that aren't Ruby!

It's a lot of work to piece together all the information you need & translate it to your Ruby code.

And of course, there are Ruby-specific things you do to write better code.

These make a BIG difference...

...without the Ruby-specific techniques, experienced Ruby developers will think you come from another programming language & that you aren't a proper Rubyist!

It's like being a stranger in another country.

This is why I made a new course for you:

Beautiful Ruby: A Step-by-Step Course For Writing Better Code

Beautiful Ruby will teach you exactly what you need to do to write better Ruby code.

With plenty of code examples!

This is the quickest & easiest way I know to learn this material.

Here's what you get:

2 Hours of HD Video Lessons

A 56-page eBook You Can Download & Read Anywhere

Clear Examples & Actions Steps

Quick-Reference MindMap Where You'll Find Common Code Smells & How to Fix Them

It's a complete package to help you write better Ruby code, become a more valuable developer & feel better about your work!

What's Covered?

  • How to improve your code so it's easier to understand & work with!
  • What is refactoring, what to refactor & when for maximum results in minimum time
  • A handful of Ruby-specific refactoring techniques that will make your code feel more like Ruby & not like a foreign language
  • How to spot the ugliest code smells & how to fix them!
  • 3 quick, low-risk changes you can make right away to have a BIG impact on the quality of your code
  • How to tame LONG, unwieldy & ever-growing if statements
  • Best practices for writing Beautiful Ruby code that is easy to read, extend & be proud of
  • What you need to do before you start refactoring (miss this & you'll get into trouble!)
  • How to write good names for your variables & methods
  • Why using arrays in this SPECIFIC way is making your code painful to work with
  • Examples of how to take a big method & break it down into smaller methods
  • How to reverse-engineer legacy code so you can refactor with confidence
  • The most powerful refactoring technique ever discovered!
  • Clear & straight-forward advice that will instantly improve your ability to write good Ruby code

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Now it's time to make a decision.

Are you going to let this slip by & keep writing the same old code?

Or are you going to take the bull by the horns & arm yourself with time-tested techniques that you need to write better code?


You've read this far, you want to grow as a professional, this course can help you.

Why not give it a try?

The Risk is On Me: If for any reason you don't absolutely love the course, I have you covered. You can email me within 60 days & you can have your money back, no hassles, no problems. - Jesus Castello

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