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My name is Jesus Castello, I'm a Ruby developer & I'd like to help you write better code.

Let me tell you a story...

Working With Bad Code

I have seen a good amount of ugly, frustrating code.

Like this 500+ lines nested if statement which was the core of the whole application.

Important decisions where being made by this almost impossible to read code.

No one wanted to touch this because it had no test, it was critical to the business operations & it was a big mess.

And as a result this code was a source of all sorts of performance issues & mysterious bugs.

Have you experienced something like this before?

It's not fun.

I want to write code that I can be proud of, and that I can read 6 months from now.

That's why I decided to work on my refactoring & code quality skills. And in this course I'm sharing what I learned with you!

How To Become a Great Ruby Developer

I want you to be a happy Ruby developer that is proud of his work.

How can you do this?

Learn the best practices & practical techniques that thousands of developers already figured out...

...it's called "refactoring".

Refactoring is improving the quality of your code without changing what it does.

This technique, when applied correctly at the right time will transform your life as a Ruby developer.

I teach what I call high-impact refactoring in my NEW course...

How To Transform Ugly Code Into Beautiful Ruby With High-Impact Refactoring Techniques

Inside Beautiful Ruby you'll learn:

  • How to use my step-by-step refactoring system to improve your code so it's easier to understand & work with
  • Exactly what & when to refactor for maximum results in minimum time
  • A handful of Ruby-specific refactoring techniques that will make your code feel more like Ruby & not some other language
  • How to spot the ugliest code smells & how to fix them!
  • 3 quick, low-risk changes you can make right away to have a BIG impact on the quality of your code
  • How to tame LONG, unwieldy & ever-growing if statements
  • Best practices for writing Beautiful Ruby code that is easy to read, extend & be proud of
  • What you need to do before you start refactoring (miss this & you'll get into trouble!)
  • How to write good names for your variables & methods
  • Why using arrays in this SPECIFIC way is making your code painful to work with
  • Examples of how to take a big method & break it down into smaller methods
  • How to reverse-engineer legacy code so you can refactor with confidence
  • The most powerful refactoring technique ever discovered!
  • Clear & straight-forward advice that will instantly improve your ability to write good Ruby code

...and that's just a small sample!

The course is composed of 2 hours of HD video covering both the theory & practice of refactoring:

With step-by-step refactoring examples of real-world legacy code:

A 56-page eBook you can download & read anywhere:

Every chapter of the book includes examples, a summary & action steps:

An open-source practice application for you to apply your new skills in a 100% safe environment, and a quick-reference cheatsheet where you'll find common code smells & how to fix them:

It's a complete package for you to become a refactoring master.

Today you can get it all for only $97

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Start Writing Better Ruby Code Now!

It's time to take the bull by the horns, armed with a world-class education in refactoring techniques.

And if for any reason you don't absolutely love the course, I have you covered. You can email me within 90 days & you can have your money back, no hassles. - Jesus Castello

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